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To empower women’s wellness internationally through the use of visual storytelling.



For humanity to live as one with kindness, integrity and respect for each other. Through sharing real human experiences, together we can soften and grow to see each other without the labels that divide us. For each woman to live freely and speak her truth as her most unique brilliant self without fear, control or shame.


We are a team of women made up of a health practitioners with backgrounds in public speaking, mind-body practices, nutrition, television production, martial arts, energy healing and naturopathic medicine.


Our Work


We travel to meet transformative women in communities around the world whose actions have inspired us.

First- We experience women’s day-to-day environments (work, school, home, spiritual centers,etc.) to see life through their lens.

Second- We connect and collaborate with women through engaging conversations around the complexities of what it means to be a woman and the roles they take on in society.

Third- We provide active engagements of mind-body exercises, nutrition education, meditation, breathwork, and self-defense that gives women the opportunity to release, integrate and transform their experiences.

Fourth- We provide space for women to share their experiences, wisdom and life lessons that have allowed them to overcome obstacles and become leaders in their families and community.

Fifth- We share the stories of women through film to a global audience to inspire the women of tomorrow.

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What we do


Stories Project Mujeres


Our focus is to inspire women and elevate them from their challenges in everyday life. Sharing personal stories of success is an act of self-empowerment that builds hope and inspires others to overcome fears and lack of confidence. It has the potential to inspire those who have forgotten to believe in themselves.

Mariposa Sisters


From September 4th-21st the Mariposa Sisters will be immersing themselves in the lives of Mexican women in Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico.With an open heart, the Mariposa Sisters will experience the day-to-day changing environments to see life through their lens. In Puerto Penasco, Mexico, it is common that many women and girls are victims of rape, sexual abuse, and domestic violence.


Mariposa Sisters Movement Building


Empowering girls and women are powerful. Today, we know it is the key to economic growth, political stability, and social transformation.
We use our stories to ignite and fuel social movements. People from countries such as India, Nepal, and Panama are reaching out to us for future involvements with them. Feel free to volunteer, connect and unite in our endeavors for a better and stronger international sisterhood.

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Our Members


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Having intensively worked with women suffering from sexual trauma, sexual oppression, and suppressed emotional agony, Natasha has ...witnessed an impactful communal imbalance which society has channeled towards the women historically. This inspired her to take up the naturopathic doctor program so that she could raise a voice and struggle on behalf of women who needs representation. Mariposa Sisters is an initiative in that realm, which identifies the status of women in an unequal and gender-biased community. As a healer, she has encouraged and promoted mind-body wellness practices and in identifying leadership to inspire other women striving for an empowered change. As a founder of Mariposa Sisters, she seeks to highlight women’s stories of strength and perseverance to globally inspire in leading women to happier, healthier, and more successful lives.

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Rachel is a Naturopathic medical doctor candidate by day and a martial artist by night. Before taking her career in the direction of ...natural medicine and competitive Muay Thai, she spent ten years designing television and film media as a broadcast producer and editor. Her love for people and a heart for global outreach extended beyond the big screen and towards her first missions trip to Mexico, a hands-on experience that allowed her to become more in touch with meeting basic needs in everyday life. With a varied background both personally and professionally, she intends to communicate mind-body health by practicing natural medicine and martial arts, two platforms of creative expression that have the power to connect individuals from different groups. As a Mariposa sister, she is excited to revisit documentary filmmaking through the lens of women’s wellness.

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Autumn is one of the pioneering leaders mobilizing the millennial generation to embrace a new model of healthcare, one that patient-centered ...care focusing on proactive prevention and empowering the development of a thriving population through deepened connections within communities to inspire people away from oppression and segregation back to love and unity. Autumn has a background in a plethora of areas such as public speaking, managing multidisciplinary medical practices, medical assisting, and craniosacral practices. She has experience working with geriatric, pediatric, and chronic illness populations. She is a third-year Naturopathic Medical Student and believes we are each a single candle ignited by different gifts but together we are a mosaic of flames that burns for change and women are an essential part of that paradigm shift. Autumn is passionate about educating and empowering women to step into their authentic power to inspire intentional collaboration, healing, and unification for future generations.

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Stephanie combines her credentials as a Registered Dietitian and Reiki Master to offer monthly ...women’s circles, nutrition workshops, and private life coaching. She helps people who feel stuck and unmotivated to build sustainable health practices that build inner peace, confidence, and mental clarity. She teaches people how to make healthy food taste good and heal their relationship with food. Cooking should be fun and easy. It shouldn’t feel like work or a chore. It’s not about perfection it’s about learning how to make choices with grace, that feel supported and balanced. She helps people to move past their fears, anxieties, and self-criticisms to authentically be the best version of themselves. A founding member of the Mariposa Sisters, Stephanie is passionate about empowering women to move with grace to truly embody self-love and acceptance.

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Chelsea is a Naturopathic medical doctor candidate who joined the Mariposa Sisters project with a desire of making a difference in others' lives. ...She is drawn to the global struggle of women empowerment, their eqality rights and from their daily traumas / struggles in their lives. Having traveled and lived in over 20 countries, Chelsea is multilingual which gives her the edge to connect with people globally and an ability to understand the differences in cultures & beliefs with more clarity. With a professional atheletic background she is passionate about spreading joy, fitness and spirituality especially to women who are deprieved of it.

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